Park City

Park City’s vast acreage includes gobs of terrain that’s well-suited to those who are learning how to link turns and get a feel for bigger mountains. There is good beginner terrain located above the gondola on the old Canyon side of the resort, to the north, and there’s also good green terrain that filters into the Bonanza and Silverlode lifts on the side of the ski resort closer to town. Beginners who graduate to the lower-intermediate level will get a big kick out of being able to ski down to the Town Lift on Park City’s Main Street, one of the unique experiences in North American skiing.

Park City gives learning and beginner skiers a wide array of options when choosing their run.
Park City gives learning and beginner skiers a wide array of options when choosing their run. Courtesy: Park City

Big Sky

With the fearsome reputation of Lone Peak and the little tram that takes daring skiers to its top, many don’t associate Big Sky with utter beginner skier compatibility. But that’s a mistake. This place is fantastic for beginners and intermediates, as the lower mountain, which makes up the bulk of Big Sky’s acreage, offers loads of easy-going terrain with legitimate Montana scenery. Perhaps best of all, Big Sky’s slopes tend to be uncrowded, which helps alleviate some beginners’ reasonable anxiety of skiing amongst throngs of other, very unpredictable people.

Copper Mountain

For beginners and intermediates venturing to Colorado for the first time, Copper offers one of the best bets in all of the state. It’s close to I-70, and a shorter drive from Denver than most ski resorts in the corridor. Better yet, Copper offers a slew of easy terrain with long descents and good fall lines. There’s enough here that beginners can branch out and try lots of different runs without running over the same green terrain again and again. Copper has a great ski school as well, and a single day lesson can be a great way to learn where to head on the mountain for the most agreeable terrain.

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