Europe’s Best-Kept Secret Ski Resorts in 2018

The Hemsedal Skisenter presents a world of the freshest snow, begging to be skied down, and momentous beauties meant to be experienced firsthand. For those snow sports enthusiasts, this top ski resort in Europe is a must visit. Known as the Scandinavian Alps, the Hemsedal brings 46 kilometres of manicured slopes to all experience levels. Advanced skiers will feel exhilarated off the various slopes while newcomers will be welcomed by easier routes. The Hemsedal is truly the ski resort of winter dreams and will capture your delight with its 50 slopes, 20 lifts, children’s area, apres ski runs, and the wonder of the  Scandinavian Alps.

The Details:

Hemsedal Skisenter is located in Hemsedal, Norway in the region of Buskerud. 46 kilometres of crisply white ski slopes cover the resort at elevations of 1450 m.a.s.l. An individual day pass is 460 NOK and is begging for you to try out of Europe’s top ski resorts for yourself. Visit Hemsedal Skisenter here for more info.

Sogndal Skisenter Hodlekve


For a dreamy ski trip, look no further than a visit to Sogndal Skisenter Hodlekve in Norway’s powder capital. The snow is plusher, the service is better, and the adventure is more exhilarating at this top ski resort. They know deep powder best and work to ensure that every visitor experiences skiing magic. All experience levels are welcomed and guided by the experts while they become dazzled by the stunning views and the equally amazing powdered snow. 15 kilometres of slope open the world to its skiers and take them on a ski adventure of a lifetime.

The Details:

Sogndal Skisenter Hodlekve is located in Sogndal, Norway. They recommend January and February as the best time for powder skiing thought November, December, and March can offer amazing conditions as well. Elevated at 950 for freeride terrain, Sogndal can be experienced for $38 USD per individual day pass while a life ticket is $8. Access Sogndal Skisenter Hodlekve here to book your trip today.

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