North America’s Best-Kept Secret Ski Resorts in 2018

United States:

Brundage Mountain Resort


Located in McCall, Idaho, the Brundage Mountain Resort Ski Resort welcomes all snow lovers to its exciting yet easygoing atmosphere. The Brundage Mountain is host to 46 runs for all experience levels at an elevation of 5,840-7,640 feet. Skiers, snowboarders, and the like will feel on top of the world as they glide down the slopes, take part in snowmobile tours and snowcat trips, and cozy up on horse-drawn sleigh rides. Guests can purchase a day pass for $67 and experience the ski trip of a lifetime.

Visit Brundage Mountain Resort here for more information.

Schweitzer Mountain Resort


The Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, Idaho, ranks top across the board for amazing ski terrain, stunning views, and best adventure. As a top North American ski resort, Schweitzer brings 2900 acres of mountainous range at an elevation of 6400 feet and 11.7 kilometres of ski slopes for all snow sports enthusiasts to enjoy. Visitors can partake in the exciting environment with a day ticket for $79 and are recommended to come between February and March. Your ski journey is simply better here at the Schweitzer.

Get more information on Schweitzer Mountain Resort here.

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